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Authentication is set up through the admin tab on the left drawer.

🔐 Authentication Code

If you have decided and purchased (thank you!) a subscription to HouseQuests, then you'll need both the email address you registered the subscription with and the authentication code that was automatically emailed to that address once you had subscribed.

Note: The authentication code is a machine-generated private encryption key that no other human has seen. Your key is NOT stored in our database - The other half of the encryption pair is held on our server. This means that we cannot recover the code for you. As a metaphor, we hold the padlock, you hold the key. We cannot tell you what the key is, because we don't store it.

🔑 Access

Put your email address and 64-character authentication code into the correct text areas (Make SURE both are typed correctly. Best to copy and paste the code from the email we sent you. Then press the Access button. This will contact our authentication server, look up your email address and try your key in our lock. If it succeeds then your application will be enabled with full features.

🏦 Manage Stripe Subscription.


We DO NOT hold any of your banking information or details. The only personal identifying information we contain in our database is your email address - used to send notification emails of any subscription changes and to authenticate your application.

You can click on the Manage Stripe Subscription button to link directly to the Stripe portal for managing your subscription. Once you are a customer (by purchasing the subscription), you'll be able to log in via a Stripe code emailed to you. Use the stripe portal to:

  • Update subscription information
  • Check your invoice history
  • Add / Remove payment methods
  • Cancel or Renew your subscription plan.