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🖍️ Marker Colour (Favourite) Properties

Right drawer > Property > Marker Colour

You can distinguish any properties you have an interest in by changing their marker colours. This also helps to differentiate the ones you want to keep on the map with new properties being added.

It also gives you the ability to categorise your markers. Maybe you wish to mark all of the freehold properties orange and all the leasehold properties black. Or you could change the colour based on importance.

👩‍🎨 Change the marker colour

Right drawer > Property > Marker Colour > Colour tab

Click on a property to open the right drawer up. At the top of the Property tab, the second button (in green) is Marker Colour. Click that to open up a modal to choose a colour.

You now have 8 different colours to choose from.

Click the colour you wish to change the marker to. The modal will close and the marker will change.