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🏡 Property

Right Drawer > Property

After clicking a marker the right drawer will open and the app will open on the property tab to present the main information about that location.

🪪 Title and ID

In the bold text at the top, you will see the title and headline of the property advert written by the estate agent. This is then followed by a sub-title underneath in small text that shows the source and numerical ID of that property.

This source will be either Zoopla, Rightmove or OnTheMarket.

The ID is the one generated by the source company are corresponds to their property page. This ID is used by HouseQuests to request the data and also list it in our Exclusion or Highlight lists.

🖲 Functions

Right Drawer > Property > Function Buttons

❌ Exclude

This will put the property ID into the 'exclude' list. Please see the Excluding page for more details.

🎨 Marker Colour

Change the colour of the property marker. Please see the Marker Colour page for more details

🚏 Streetview

A direct link to Google Maps street-view with the closest position looking directly at the property's longitude and latitude. This is automatically calculated by google, so may require moving around their map to get an optimal view.

Click this button to be taken to the source website (Zoopla / Rightmove / OnTheMarket) and the page of that particular property. You can obtain more information and data by visiting their websites. Estate-agent data and more are available.

🏷 Property data

Right Drawer > Property > Data

Directly below the main buttons of the application are the main data points of the property.

  • Price
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Leasehold or Freehold
  • Closest train/tube station (and distance)

Depending on the source of the data, sometimes these values may be missing. However, this is down to the source and the property listing page.

🖍 Text highlighter matches

Right Drawer > Property > Highlighted Words

The next panel is only visible if you have set up the text highlighters in Left Drawer > Preferences > Text Highlighter`.

You will see any positive or negative matched words listed in this panel.

🌆 Images

Right Drawer > Property > Images

Thumbnail images of the listed property. Note that every image is clickable to open a bigger full-resolution version in a new window.

🚪 Floorplan

Right Drawer > Property > Floorplan

Under the images is an optional floorplan of the property is the estate agent has supplied to the source website. This is also clickable to open a new window with a full-size version.

📄 Description

Right Drawer > Property > Description

At the bottom of the page is the property description as supplied by the source website.

Note that any positive or negative text-highlighted words will also be highlighted in the text here too.