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Here at HouseQuests we focus on making life easier to track down that perfect property.


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Purchase as-is.

We appreciate your interest in the HouseQuests software. Please note that it is currently a small passion project run by a team with full-time jobs. As such, it may not come with the full support and services you might expect from commercial software.

  • Customer support teams. We will do our best to address any issues or bugs, but we don't have a dedicated support team and may not be able to provide individual assistance. We keep the troubleshooting section of our website up to date and welcome bug reports on our GitHub repository.
  • 3rd party Services. This application is built on multiple third-party APIs and services. If any of these services change or block our application, it may take time to fix or potentially remove the affected feature if a solution cannot be found.
  • Stopping services. As mentioned, this is primarily a side project and we may decide to stop development in the future. If this happens, we will give plenty of notice and halt subscriptions.
  • Bugfixes and updates. There are no guarantees of bug fixes or updates. We are actively developing the software as we see fit, but we may decide to stop without obligation.
  • If you have any concerns about these caveats, please don't hesitate to contact us. We recommend trying the free version before making a purchase to ensure that the software meets your needs and expectations.