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Quest for the perfect home

Find your dream property with HouseQuests, the cross-platform app for searching, analyzing, and organizing listings from multiple sources.


Multi-Source Properties

Plot markers on the same map from the premier property websites Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket to get a complete view of the current market.

Learn to overlay multiple sources

Exclude & Highlight

Permanently exclude any properties from showing again. Favourite and colour-code the ones you wish to remember and save.

See how to keep organised

Platform Agnostic

Built with electron, this desktop application can run on
Apple MacOS M1, Apple Intel chips and Microsoft Windows.

Download for your Operating System

Feature Layers

Overlay important layers on the map. From the London tube map, train stations and national rail to supermarkets, schools and universities.

Discover the power of multiple layers

Local Area

Discover the area within a 1km radius of the selected property. Get a better neighbourhood view of the surrounding services and amenities.

Investigate local features
Watch the video (2:40 min)

Top Features

Distance measurement

Calculate the walking time and distance across multiple points. Draw on the map multiple routes and paths to determine your travel.

Measurement Tool

Zoopla All Marker

By default, the zoopla website search will show you only the first 100 results on their map. Display all markers in the HouseQuests app.

Zoopla Search

Text Highlighter

Setup positive and negative keywords that will be listed and highlighted within the property description details when loaded.

Text Highlighter

Map Colours

Alter the theme of the map to suit your needs. You can currently darken, greyscale, sepia-tint and invert the map colours.

Map Colours

Import / Export

Save a file of your all your exclusions, searches and settings. Handy for sharing with others to see your setup or simply keeping a backup.

Import / Export

Saved settings

Keep different saved states with alternative searches and excluded properties. Allows you to setup switch between multiple application setups.

Saved Settings

Instant Reload

Reloading the page or starting up the application will instantly request all new house results. Saving you lots of time visiting the same sites and searches.

Instant Reload

In-depth details

Utilising multiple third-party tools, acquire much more information abour the selected property. Schools, transport, crime, broadband and much more.

Property Details

Calculated Stats

Discover more information about the surrounding area and postcode. Get an understanding of how the selected property compares to the local averages.



Something for everyone

Here at HouseQuests we focus on making life easier to track down that perfect property.


Best for getting started.

  • 99% of features.
  • Supported by adverts
  • Access latest version
  • No multi-saves or Import / Export


Fully-featured application.
No adverts.

  • Fully Featured
  • No adverts or nag-screens
  • Multiple Saves. Import / Export
  • Access latest version
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