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🎨 Colour Palette

Right drawer > Property > Marker Colour

The colour palette allows you to save your own colours for future use. You can also import and export entire custom palettes.

#️⃣ Hexcodes

You can enter a colour hex code and click the set marker to change the current maker to that colour. However, you can save that colour to the palette by clicking the Add to palette button.

Now the palette is populated with custom colours, you can select that colour by clicking on it, or delete any one by clicking on the X button.

You can use most online colour websites to find the HEX code of the colour.

↔️ Import / Export Palette

Left Drawer > Admin > Import / Export Settings

You can use the import colour palette and export colour palette buttons to manipulate and control the in-app palette. The file is a simple JSON array that can be changed if needed.

🌈 Example Palettes

Here are some palettes that you can import and use: