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📏 Distance Measurement Tool

A handy little tool is in the bottom right corner of the map. A single icon that switches into measurement mode.

📐 How to use

  1. Click on the measurement icon once. The mouse icon will change to a circle with the words "Click to start drawing" on it.

  2. Find your starting position and click on the map to start drawing. You will see the icon now says "Click to continue drawing the line" and there is an automatic measurement that will show both the distance in kilometres and how long it would take to walk that distance at an average walking pace.

  3. Click again to make waypoints on the measurement line.

  4. When ready to finish the line, double-click on the map to mark the end of the route. The total distance and walking time will be drawn on the map at the end of the line. The line will change from a dashed line to a solid one.

  5. You can start the process again from another spot.

  6. To return back and come out of the measurement mode, click on the measurement tool icon a second time.

The measurement lines are all removed when the screen is refreshed. You can manually do this with ⌘ command + R or you can use the menus through the left drawer > searches tab > Refresh Page