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📍 Marker Results

🔄 Instant Reload

Whenever you start the application up or reload using the admin panel left drawer > search > refresh page (or command ⌘ + r) the application will automatically retrieve the latest results from all three website sources.

This will then plot all new result markers on the map that haven't been excluded.

This way you get to see all new results as they are added to those source websites.

⏩ Zoopla All

One extra feature that should be noted is that by default, the Zoopla website only displays the first 100 result markers on their map. This makes it tricky if you have more than that many results to see. HouseQuests, by default, will retrieve ALL results and plot them on the map from Zoopla.

🚦 Limits

As you place more markers, map overlays and local-area items onto the map, you will start to see the performance of the application slow down depending on the power of the machine running it. Try to be limiting the number of results you retrieve and refrain from displaying many overlays at the same time.