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The base requirement of the HouseQuests application was the ability to see properties from multiple online sources all on a single map.

This is what the multi-search does. It allows you to paste in the search URL from one of those sources and then create a new layer on the map with those markers.

We currently support the following sources:


For each of the specific sources, you have a panel. Make sure you paste the correct source into the correct panel, otherwise the application will not look at the correct URL.

To change your search, simply paste another URL into the text box.

🔘 Toggle markers

There is a toggle switch to disable the markers on the map from that particular source. Next to the toggle is the number of markers retrieved from the source using that particular URL.

🔗 Goto original

Use the direct link button to go to the URL pasted into the text box directly. Easier than copying/pasting into your browser.

🧮 Total Marker count

A complete count of all markers retrieved from all three sources.

🔄 Refresh Page

Manually refresh the page and clear any changes.

⏩ Zoopla All

One little feature that should be noted is that by default, the Zoopla website only displays the first 100 result markers on their map. This makes it tricky if you have more than 100 results to see. HouseQuests, by default, will retrieve ALL results and plot them on the map from Zoopla.